Wrongfully Bullied by “Tolerant” Leftists/Liberals…



16-year old opera/pop singer, Jackie Evancho is being WRONGFULLY BOYCOTTED and CYBER-BULLIED by many Leftists/Liberals for agreeing to perform THE National Anthem at President Trump’s Inauguration!!!! We must STOP the boycotts and Leftists/Liberal cyber-bullying and help save Jackie!!!! Please LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and comment, “WE HAVE YOUR BACK, JACKIE!!!!”, “STAY STRONG JACKIE!!!!”, “WE LOVE YOU,JACKIE!!!!”, “AMERICA STANDS WITH JACKIE!!!!”, “WE STAND WITH JACKIE!!!!”, “LOVE NOT HATE!!!!” “TRUMP TRAIN TO THE RESCUE!!!!”, or “LET’S SAVE JACKIE!!!!”. Make this GO VIRAL!!!! And let’s LIKE ALL OF JACKIE’S SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES!!!!


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