Trevor’s Random Thought

So the government breaks the healthcare system by ramming Obamacare down our throats… then fines us if we do not comply… then puts out propaganda on how it’s the end of the world if ACA is repealed…Bitch please…

I’d rather live as a free man in a dangerous society then on my knees depending on others in a self proclaimed utopia…

America was built on the idea of freedom… complete freedom… not the freedoms to which the government thinks u should or should not have… but unrestricted, never infringed upon, complete, and total freedom…

If you need the government to take care of you then move to a socialist country, if you feel the government should be able to tell you what you can or cannot have, move to a communist country…

This is America where you are rewarded only for that which you work hard for.
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The Best Gift You Can Give Is…

Remember that Christmas is not about the gifts you receive, but that which you give. 
So give the gift that cannot be returned, can never be forgotten, and will mean the most…

Give the gift of time.
Your Time.
~Merry Christmas!~
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Be The Change



Lately you probably hear how things never change for the positive, yet people just shrug it off like “that’s just the way things are”, or “just get use to it because it won’t change”, etc.


People seem to fail to see that change for the positive can happen if you desire it to be.  Change cannot occur if people are not willing to be the change they wish to see.  If you are not willing to try, then the task will always be a failure.


There is an old saying to the effect of, “The Master has failed more times than the Apprentice has tried.”  The change you seek won’t happen over night, but with due diligence, with perseverance, and with persistence, it will happen.


But YOU have to BE the CHANGE that YOU want to SEE.


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Random Thought #2

Want better sleep at night?  Then get plenty of sun during the day.  The Pineal Gland needs sun to produce Melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone released at night. So if you expose your peneal gland to bright sunlight during the day, you should get better sleep at night.


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