Photography Quick Tip: How to Avoid Camera Shake

Avoid camera shake as much as possible by…

Camera shake can render a photo completely unusable. Increasing your ISO and opening up your aperture allows for faster shutter speeds, reducing the chance of blurry images. However, this is not always an option if you’re trying to maintain other specific qualities in your image.


Start by doing what you can to reduce camera movement, which begins with learning how to properly hold a camera.  Use one hand to support the camera body and use the other to support the lens. Pull your elbows in against your body so they have something stable to rest on. Then hold your breath right before pressing the shutter release. You can further stabilize your body if there’s a wall, tree, other solid object, or even the floor to rest on.


Some scenarios with longer exposures will require the use of a tripod.  Using a tripod with a remote will help ensure that your image is as sharp and stable as possible.  If you don’t have a remote then you can use your camera’s built in timer.


Avoid camera shake by holding the camera properly or by using a tripod and utilizing a remote.


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