Submersible Drones, are you ready for them?!


Image by PowerVision


We are starting to see them more and more, those drones in the sky.  But now drones are being built specifically for underwater.  Beijing-based drone builder PowerVision is building a submersible drone that uses sonar to detect fish, a blue light to lure them in and a 4K camera to stream all the events back to you on your boat.


PowerVision calls the drone, “PowerRay”, which can dive 30 meters (98 ft) below the surface and uses an optional sonar attachment to detect fish up to 40 meters (131 ft) away.  PowerRay has its own WI-FI System which can reportedly then transmit live photos and video to your smart phone.  This is hard to believe as it is hard to transmit data through water.


It is also said that this drone will also be able to identify the fish within the image along with sending alerts to your smart phone.


If all this isn’t enough for the PowerRay operator, then lets take it even further into awesomeness by adding another optional item to the drone.  Add PowerVision VR Goggles which will offer a first person perspective and even allow the operator to control the drone with head tilts… Now this makes it a must-have drone!


The company hasn’t announced pricing yet, but says that the PowerRay will be available for Pre-Order on February 27th.


Source: PowerVisionPowerVision


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