Top 5 Cancer Causing Food Snacks

Food snacks today are not like what Grandma use to make.  Today our snacks are swimming in chemical cocktails that are not healthy for human consumption, but still somehow it gets approved through the FDA claiming that as long as its below a certain threshold that it’s “safe”.  Then marketed as delicious, and a “gotta have” item.


When you look at the ingredients in an item and see “Red 40” or “Yellow 5”, note that these are made from petroleum.  Yes the same kind of petroleum to make oil and gas is used to make your food.  Sounds tasty right?!


Health problems from these types of ingredients can include hyperactivity in children, cancer, and allergic reactions.  Artificial food coloring has been linked to bed-wetting, ear infections, headaches, hypersensitivity, obesity, asthma, diabetes, eczema, mood swings, hyperactivity, sleep disturbances, increased risky behavior, ADD/ADHA, chromosomal damage, hives, and hypoglycemia.


These substances are so toxic that the British Government and European Union have ended the use of dyes throughout Europe.  They have made it a crime to use these chemicals in foods so food companies are forced to use healthier ingredients than they use in the USA.


  1.  Pop Tarts

These were first introduced to the public in 1964.  The frosted strawberry flavor has corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and sugar withing the first 6 ingredients.  These are ALL harmful sugars!  The alarming ingrediens are TBHQ which comes from petroleum and is related to butane, partially hydrogenated soybean oil that causes cellular dysfunction, and cancer causing artificial colors.

2.  Fruit Snacks

          These come in so many “fruit” flavors and characters that maybe hard to resist… Until you know that they are made mostly of artifical additives and colors.  “Red 3” is a commonly used food coloring, also known as E127 or Erthrosine, a petroleum product.


3.  M&M’s

          These are fun colorful chocolate candies that melt in your mouth… well you know the rest.  Most don’t know that “colorful” colors are artificial and are actually harmful when ingested.  The colors utilized are, “Blue #2”, a petroleum based product that increases hyperactivity in children, increases brain tumors in lab rats and other abnormal cell development.  “Blue #1”, produces malignant tumors.  “Red #40” damages DNA.  “Yellow #6”, can cause cancer.  And “Yellow #5”, this one as well as the others all are made from petroleum and can cause allergic reactions, hyperactivity, cancer, and a lot of other health ailments.


4.  Cheetos

          Those oh so yummy tasty orange, cheesy snacks!  Unfortunately the artificial color that creates the “cheese” color is made from “Yellow 6” which we know is derived from petroleum.  As is the “cheese” flavoring, including, methyl benzoate and ethyl methylphenidate.  According to New Jersey’s Hazardous Substance Fact Sheet, Methyl Benzoate is a colorless, oily liquid with a pleasant, fruity odor that is used in perfumes and as a solvent. A SOLVENT.  It goes on to state that exposure to Methyl Benzoate can cause skin allergies, skin rash, and may even cause an asthma-like allergy like shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, and/or chest tightness.


5.  Teddy Grams

          Who doesn’t love Teddy Grams?! They have been around since 1988 and are available in 5 different flavors.  The tiny bears are a great size for even the smallest of fingers.  Everyone Loves Teddy Grams… Until you find out that they are laced with the dreaded TBHQ.  TBHQ can be toxic and can also cause nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ear, delirium and collapse.  Used on Lab Rats, its produces cancer, fragments DNA, you know the building blocks of life, and causes damage to humae lung and umbilical cells.  In children it can cause anxiety, restlessness, and intensify the symptoms of ADHA.


Your body is only as healthy as what you put into it.  There are many quick and easy healthy snacks to grab and go.  Organic fruit, pre portioned bags of organic carrots and so much more!


To be healthy we must first see that we eat healthy.



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