How DEET insecticide is one part of a binary chemical weapon used against the American population

Here below is a video that explains how DEET insecticide is one part of a binary chemical weapon that targets your brain for destruction.
The other part of that chemical weapon is found in your food! Yup, pesticides, insecticides, and the like that you are encouraged to spray on your garden, farmers are encouraged to spray in their fields to “combat against insects and such” are all carbamate pesticides which are in ALL the non-organic food supply. These carbamate pesticides are virtually impossible to wash off the food and going even further, GMO food has the pesticides IN the food, in the DNA of the food making it impossible to remove.  Ever wonder how it can be safe for humans when it explodes the stomachs of insects?!  Once you combine these two, you get hypertoxicity to brain cells via “acetylcholesterase inhibitor chemicals,” leading to mass confusion, fear, memory loss and an inability to think for yourself.  When you see our kids or even our friends acting as if they have “foggy brain”, “Lack of concentration”, “Difficult remembering or retaining knowledge” it’s more than likely due to the poisons we are all being subjected to without our consent.

This video explains why the mainstream media is urging everyone to spray DEET all over their skin while carbamate pesticide chemicals are carpet bombed onto civilian populations (and the food supply). It’s all a deliberate act of chemical warfare against YOU, and it’s being waged for a specific purpose that’s explained at length in the video. (Hint: It’s no coincidence a major presidential election that depends on dumbed down voters is taking place in less than 70 days…)

Watch the video here, then share this with everyone you know. There are natural, essential oil alternatives to any and all man made chemicals that won’t harm us so please for heavens sake, don’t put these chemicals on your skin… EVER!

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